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Here at Tempus Windows we work to preserve the heritage and architectural value of listed properties.

With over 14 years experience in the Sash Window industry, our renovation service puts the importance of preserving these windows first, repairing the original structure before replacing. We are dedicated to preserving  original sash windows, we work on listed properties in conservation areas – so we know just how important it is to keep the architectural value of your property in mind.


what to expect..

From the initial assessment to the final touches we ensure your windows and doors regain their former functionality. Over time period windows become less efficient and need to be sustained, this can help save energy and materials. Properly maintained sash windows will not only be energy efficient but will also conserve original materials and avoid unnecessary waste. 


During your consultation we carry out a technical survey on each window, assessing for rot, draughts, hardware issues (cord, weights and latches) and the type of wood and glass used. Assessing the general condition of your window is essential as this will allow us to give you an accurate time frame and materials needed for the complete renovation. 

when the renovation begins.

Before renovation begins in your home our team will throughly cover areas in which they work with sheeting to protect floors, furniture and artwork. We will have everything we need on site to carry out the work required, once renovation begins you can expert to see sash’s being removed from their frames while work is carried out on the box frame. The box frame may require new timber to repair any rot, sill repair or replacement and new weights. 

Whether your windows need repairing, draught proofing or sill replacement, here at Tempus Windows we are dedicated to preserving these original sash windows. We work on listed properties and in conservation areas, so we know just how important it is to keep the architectural value and appearance of your property in mind. Your window sills may be showing signs of rot and decay, if this is the case rather than replacing the entire box frame we can replace sections with new hardwood to match the original timber and maintain the strength of the frame. 

We always look to repair the original structure before we consider replacement. While work is being carried out on your property we carefully remove the sash windows from the frame for repair, this repair work depends on the condition of your windows and can include new timber, glass replacement and paint work. If new hardware is needed for your windows we look to obtain locks and catches that fit the architectural features of your windows. 

The Finishing touch.

Once the main renovation work has been done our team will start to put the finishing touches on your windows, this includes painting, varnishing, hardware replacement and cleaning. Our team thoroughly clean all areas in which they have been working, leaving your home as it was. We will leave the renovation work fully complete and make sure you are happy with the end result. 

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